Review: Ram-Zet

(Century Media)

Ram-Zet is a very unique and very creative band. They definitely stand alone in their own category. It was all put together by a multi-instrumentalist named Zet in 1998. Zet had a vision to doing something different than that of your typical Norweigian metal band. After a careful selection of the right musical players Ram-Zet was born. Their sophomore CD is a work of pure brilliance. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a metal band that has shocked me like Ram-Zet has. The music is brutally heavy one moment and then so soft and beautiful the next thus blending the two worlds together so passionately. I haven’t heard a metal band so creative and so very original in a long time. It’s about time!!! Their  music is truly an artform. There are so many styles involved in Ram-Zet’s sound. It ranges from black metal to progressive rock. “Escape” is simply amazing even though the CD tends to drag a bit only after a few tracks. Yet this release is more cohesive than “Pure Therapy” as far as capturing and structuring the sound in a more sensible manner.  Regardless though this band kicks some serious ass. Zet’s psychotic vocals blend so incredibly with the soft yet powerful vocals of Sareeta. The first two songs on “Escape”, ‘R.I.P.” and “Queen” really capture the true Ram-Zet sound which leaves first time listeners with an excellent impression. “Escape” is a great album and I encourage any metal fan to go pick up the album or check them out at Trust me, this album will blow your mind.