Review: Rag Men

Rag Men

Barking hardcore.  Broken breakdowns.  Meaty guitars.  A snarl of vocals.  Since the formula is anything but original, we go to the next question.  Does it rock?  Does it do it well?  Rag Men do.  Catchy guitars chugachug the way good hardcore should.  The songs are broken up and down for maximum punch. The drums pummel well.

The lyrics are a bit too “me and my hardships (and that bitch)”.  Sometimes singers make the mistake of thinking we care or can somehow relate with our own personal pain.  I guess that works for some 15 year olds, but the rest of us most likely want something a little more in depth than the typical “don’t disrespect” type hardcore drivel.

That aside, Rag Men have their moments (mostly in the guitar attacks and their ability to inject a bit of melody here and there).  The problem is, if the world does need another hardcore band, I don’t think it’s the Rag Men.  But they aren’t bad.  Plug away boys.  And get a lyricist who can see past his own personal experiences.

Life sucks for us all dude.  No news there.