Review: Rage Against the Machine “Renegades”

Rage Against the Machine

I write this review shivering with disgust at the thought of Chris Cornell replacing Zach at the vocals of Rage Against the Machine. Now, keep in mind, I’m not exactly a huge Rage fan. I thought their debut release was pretty killer, and was the break in the damn of the rap-core type style that has flooded MTV and killed the radio. Unintentionally, I think the political message got left behind somewhere and Rage began to all sound alike. Maybe too much MTV, and maybe Zach realized this when he left, but for whatever the reason, this is supposedly the last album to grace his voice with the backing of the Rage band. As of this writing, it’s a rumor and mayhaps Chris will continue to sit around and count his money from grungy Soundgarden fans, but after checking out, the source for shit media, I confirm that Cornell will be the next RATM vocalist. Oh well, good for them. Anyways……this is the best Rage CD I’ve heard. Sure, it’s mostly covers, but they are DAMN good covers. One Minor Threat bit, “In My Eyes” is something I’ve seen off Napster (a live version) and they pull it off pretty well, excusing his slightly higher voice. The rest are hip-hop covers, ranging from Above the Law’s, “Pistol Grip Pump” to Cypress Hill’s, “I Could Just Kill a Man”. Tim Commerford’s bass playing is the fucking best thing on here, aside from the obvious vocals, and guitarist Morello keeps his end up as well. As you’ve probably been subjected to countless playing’s on the local media, “Renegaes of Funk” is their title single and aside from repitious listens, I still think it’s a sick song. The video is pretty slick too so if your going to have any Rage album, this is the one. It’s my only Rage CD, and will remain so. Oh yeah, almost forgot, FUCK YOU CHRIS CORNELL! Shouldnt you be doing more Temple of the Dog shit? Oh no, wait, I forgot, that died along with your shit band Soundgarden, and the grunge you so blatently turned into mainstream shit pop. Now you can help Rage lose even more of it’s core audience with your horrible voice you call talent. Great. Good luck. Fag.