Review: Radiation 4

Radiation 4

When I first received Radiation 4’s self released album (of 1000 pressings) almost two years ago, I was immediatly hooked. It was as if Mike Patton’s little brother had started to hang out with some metal kids and they sat around smoking tweak, listening to Pranzo Oltranzista and writing music. And after hearing that music, I actually predicted the band being picked up by a label, so kudos to me.

This ‘new’ (contains tracks from the self released EP) CD is good, if not gooder, then R4’s previously heard work and has lots of minor touchups that can be heard all over the album. With nine tracks, the album lays just under 40 minutes, and that’s with (my favorite) track nine, “The Prize, a six minute track with an extra nine minutes of padding. All in all, if you’re a (not to drive the comparison into the ground) Mike Patton metal fan, you’ll be down with this. Even tho it sounds nothing like Patton.