Review: Punk-o-Rama 8

Various Artists
“Punk-o-Rama 8”

Nobody can bitch at the value that this Cd offers. 2 Cd’s and the disc is usually priced under $10, not too fucking shabby. For many kids, this cheap Cd has gotten many into punk rock in the first place. The 8th volume of the series features just about every band under the sun on it’s 2-disc set.

From NOFX and Refused to new comers like Transplants and Matchbook Romance, this is definitely the cream of the crop right here. Death by Stereo drop probably the best track on the album with ‘Unstoppable’, while Dropkick Murphys swing by with their own brand of Irish punk rock in ‘Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight’.

There are so many good tracks on this Cd it’s well worth the money, but after checking out both Cd’s I get the feeling this disc could have been much more potent with the best tracks on a single disc. Now I realize this Cd is basically a label sampler but almost half of the disc was nothing more than filler to me. For me, Volume 7 was way better.