Review: The Player Piano

The Player Piano
(Sunset Alliance)

First off, this band got me, this is a hand numbered 85/1000 disc which is quite frankly, a very nice gesture.  Although, I am a writer, I am a collector.  The Player Piano is a primarily instrumental band that dabbles in indie rock chords of the minor/minor 7 variety and includes musical accompaniment on bass and drums that is sort of back in the shadows.  A normal track has at least two guitars and really tries to bombard the listener with harmonies and of course the build-ups and breakdowns ensue in a tranquil heartfelt manner.   Although their tracks can be a little overbearing and drawn out it’s a wonderful record to daydream to.  It’s like this band just doesn’t take itself too seriously and this really allows their beautiful indie music to shine.  The Sea and Cake would be proud.