Review: Planet Smashers

Planet Smashers
(Stomp Records)

The staff over at Modern Fix must think that just because I’m Canadian that I’ll enjoy Canadian rock. In the case of the Planet Smashers they couldn’t have been more right. The Planet Smashers specialize in groovy ska that will get your ass moving on the dance floor, while the beers keep flowing.

The upbeat nature of songs like ‘J’aime Ta Femme (I Like Your Girl’ and ‘Explosive’ will make you smile, sing along and shake your ass. Vocalist Matt Collyer has that infectious pop/melodic voice that all the girls swoon for and sounds like ear candy.

Of all the discs I had a chance to check out this month, “Mighty” was right at the top of the pile. Even my girlfriend approved of the Planet Smashers party like nature. Besides the Mad Caddies latest, this is probably the best ska record you’ll find in 2003.