Review: Pissing Razors

Pissing Razors
“Where We Come From”
(Spitfire Records)

Thrash from the stutter and rip school–the best kind of thrash.  See Pantera for the most direct influence Pissing Razors wears, and wears proudly, I would assume.  This is one of the few bands that can do thrash in the style of Pantera, and do it well enough to earn the comparison.  The vocals are a bit more harsh than those of Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, but even the stylization is similar.  But enough with the “sounds like” and onto “why this is cool.”  This is cool because it fucking rips.  Yeah, I know, you might have heard this done before, but fuck off, this fucking rips!  Double bass and sick ass mosh fuel, and a drummer to behold that pushes this machine.  Pissing Razors know what they do well–catchy thrash on the speedy riff tip.  Breaking it down to see its insides, then throwing it out to the pit to watch it spin.  Excelling in the ability to jumpstart their tempos after a breakdown.  When that’s done well, mosh pits explode.  And this is some incendiary shit right here, people.