Review: Pepe Deluxe

Pepe Deluxe
(Emperor Norton)

If Mozart was a genius of the modern age, he might have built constructions similar to those found in Pepe Deluxe. Successor of two like minded records, Beatitude flourishes in rich instrumental and vocal qualities. Tracks entitled with explicit descriptions, Salami Fever and Daddy’s Blazin BBQ, are just as tasty to the ear as the actual thing is to the stomach. Although, I’m not really sure what they mean by Salami, my guess is to go with the clean version.

I guess that’s saying a lot for the Finnish trio of DJ’s that call themselves Pepe Deluxe. Growing like wild flowers out of their foundational beats and scratches, we find Beethovens and Bachs galore. 34 musicians ranging from vocalists to strings spice this record up like a habanera chili pepper. The unique styles (which vary track to juicy track) build memorable collaborations.

Flower gardens of a Hippie Child in First Goodbye to Al Green flavored Girl!. The twists of these quasi traditional interpretations will leave those who appreciate the original art forms (Sixties Rock and R&B respectively) interested and possibly agitated, as the addition of electronically generated breaks, scratches and other manipulations grace the disc.

The CD’s dabble into different genres is never hard to follow, it’s new age, it’s old age, it’s classic, it’s modern. Its Rock its R&B, it’s Jazz. It’s an enlightening experience to witness something so fresh and original and satisfying to the ear piece.

Portions, Black Cadillac for example, are way out in left field, but still grand in their acute bizarreness.
After track fourteen, keep the disc spinning, there’’s an extended surprise that you don’t want to ignore.