Review: Paul Brill

Paul Brill
(Scarlet Shame Records)

On of the best alt. country albums of 2001 was obviously Paul Brill’s “Halve the Light” which was notable for its bluegrass instrumentation that made sure not to steer to far from indie-pop.  Paul’s new album which he self-proclaimed to be “post-country heartache” is a wonderful collection of modern Americana with some real campfire heart.  Although you have the use of many instruments including a Tibetan singing bowl, pedal steel, and many different percussion instruments it’s obvious that at the heart of most songs is Paul and his guitar.

Lyrically and vocally Paul obviously wears his hear on his sleeve and is not afraid to show it to you.  I cite tracks “Favorite Thing” and “Macon” and being especially inspiring and emotionally driving.  What I like most about this record is the timelessness.  You could just as easily be fifty as you could twenty-three and really enjoy this music.  Paul probably won’t sell millions of records, but there’s bound to be a cultish following that I will surely be a part of.