Review: Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace

Live is better, which is pretty standard in most cases.  Our Lady Peace doesn’t disappoint with their newest compilation, which is just that: “Live”.  Tight lyrical production and quality sound recording set the tone for a powerful auditory experience, sometimes absent with live albums.  Popular hits including “Superman’s Dead” and “Somewhere Out There” are as crisp as if recorded in the studio, but enhanced with the energy of a live audience.

Singer Raine Maida effortlessly pounds out vocals with his unique, high-pitched gritty voice.   Each track is solidly formed, contributing to Our Lady Peace’s overall commanding presence.  “Live” proves an emotional ride, complete with the hard and the soft.  Lucky Canadians, it must have been awesome to be there for this album’s production in Alberta and Quebec.  Be on the lookout for Our Lady Peace and their DVD, coming soon.