Review: Orthrelm

“2nd 18/04”

Does it matter what one says about an Orthrelm album?  This is the second album by this guitar and drum duo that I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of hearing.  This album (and you’ll know it more by the owl head on the cover than by the title) is exactly like their other album (the one with all the black scribbles on the cover), and that is to say it’s a mish-mash of hyper-paced guitar soloing and drum soloing.  It’s not completely chaotic since the drums do follow along with the guitar (and perhaps vice versa at times) but it is impossible to follow.  Imagine if John Zorn had never picked up the saxophone but rather the guitar.  Now imagine Naked City with no vocals, no bass, no nothing, just guitar and drums.  Now imagine Naked City with even less structure.  Okay, have you done that?  Good.  That means you’re on your way to understanding the Orthrelm and God help you, you poor, sad son of a bitch.