Review: On Trial

On Trial
“Blinded By The Sun”
(Tee Pee Records)

Yo, I remember about five issues ago there was this funny as shit ad in Modern Fix with Care Bears pissing from their vagina and getting banged by other Care Bears.  That was about the most classic shit I’’ve ever seen and I have to give it up to the label for giving me one of those deep belly laughs.  I remember when I was a kid my little brother had problems pronouncing the letter “c”, so he’’d call Care Bears “kill bears” and me and my cousins would laugh until our faces were blue getting him to say it over and over again.

Sorry about the tangent, the band on trial has an affinity with the true 70’s hard rock sound.  I’m not talking about cheesy bands like REO Speedwagon or Genesis, both of which you can hear on most classic rock stations.  I mean the Led Zeppelins and Ted Nugent’s of HARD rock.  This band is more than 20 years after its time; too bad classic rock stations aren’’t accepting new applicants.  Shit, maybe these guys can open for Guns N Roses or something like that.  Let’s hear it for drug-influenced psychedelia.