Review: Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault
“Alive Again”

We used to run around our living room knocking each other over (the kids used to call that “moshing”) to “Brainwashed” whenever Headbangers Ball would play it (rare) screaming “WHY DON’T YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF!”  That’s my greatest recollection of Nuclear Assault, but it’s a fond one.  And since metal is cool again bands from the 80’s that hung it up for whatever reason when musical tides shifted are coming out of the woodwork.

Nuclear Assault (formed 1984) was a thrashy punk hit from New York.  Think your standard thrash staples, with some bluesy elements on the soloing, and some NYC punk influence in the chops.  If you keep tabs on the family tree of Metal, Nuclear Assault was formed by ex-Anthrax bassist Danny Lilker.  They had a couple of other songs that had some circulation (“Critical Mass” got some MTV play in there… remember when MTV actually helped metal bands out?!  Ok, MTV2 is trying and that’s cool.)

So here is a live album.  It’s a bit muddy, but sounds like you are right there in some shitty metal club.  My beer tastes like sweat.  But this is to herald the bands reformation.  New stuff in 2003 they say.  Did you like the old stuff?  Well, here’s a live album.  It’ll work.  Doubt this is a “benchmark” in live recording, so don’t use this as an introduction to the band.

They’ve released six studio albums and EPs… try some of that for the 80’s thrash attack then fill out the collection with this live hit to prepare yourself for the bands return.