Review: New Mexican Disaster Squad

New Mexican Disaster Squad
(A-F Records)

So are these guys from the state of New Mexico or are they a new Mexican Disaster Squad?  What do disaster squads do?  I realize the obvious definition: squads that cause disasters.  But, what kind of disasters are we talkin’ here?  A Mudslide?  Male pattern baldness?  A totally fuckin’ like, blown out party house cause the night before was way dope.

Regardless, New Mexican Disaster Squad are bar punking in a style similar to El Centro, or whoever is playing bar punk at your local dive.  If your not familiar with the “bar punk” sound, plan a field trip.  Bring some close buddys to that sketchy bar you’ve seen in the weird part of town.  I recommend one that has guys with over the top hair dues outside, stickers everywhere, and a name similar to The Lockdown or Crustys.  Everyone else that knows what “bar punk” sounds like, I need not explain New Mexican Disaster Squad any further.