Review: The N.Y. Rel-X

The N.Y. Rel-X
“She’s Got A Gun / Paranoia”
(TKO Records)

Like a trip to Hot Topic, this album punky, predictable, and boring. Oh, I’m sure these girls (and a guy; their drummer) are way punk rock and all, but lets start throwing comparisons to good girl punk bands. Um, Naked Aggression style singing, except, well, I don’t know. The musicianship is very good. Murat, the solo guitar carries this band, which, unfortunately for her, is usually obscured by mediocre vocals. Although I’ve never been to a NYRELX show, I can only imagine she sings hunched over a bit, looking into the crowd and ranted, in a lower case ‘r’ position. Yeah, I’m bored and I’m not even at the show. As expected, the lyrics are surprising long (which I prop them for that) but classically put together, with 4x chorus repeats along 3-4 chord breakdowns. While I don’t think the NYRELX are out to shake the punk world, they won’t be soaking your pants with uncontrollable euphoria either. “She’s got a gun, and there is no way of stopping her, she’s got a gun you got nowhere to hide, she’s got a gun and there is no way of stopping her, she’s got a gun she’s coming for you tonight”. Yikes.