Review: Nerf Herder

Nerf Herder
““American Cheese””
(Honest Don’s Fried Cheese On A Stick)

What can you say about a band named after collecting Nerf products and accessories?  It’s bad enough that you are such a wussy that you are forced to use Nerf products, but to be the one to collect them is rock bottom for even the wimps.  The third release from Nerf Herder “American Cheese” is the best work I’ve ever heard from them.  But wait, I’d never heard them before so it’s not saying much.  Nerf Herder is another hopeless rock band with the opening song on a TV show.  In this case it is a show I’ve never seen Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Vampires and hot chicks just don’t mix. The topics for the songs are great as they tackle the 80’s, becoming a rock superstar, and the hotness of Jenna Bush.  My favorite track is “Mr. Spock” because of the great keys and the vocals. The chorus is quite catchy and I would say is good because it is fun and easy to listen to. I just think “American Cheese” lacks the power and drive found in most melodic punk acts with real influence and importance to the scene. I keep on thinking these guys sound like a watered down version of Goldfinger.  Nerf Herder are very well known and aren’’t bad, but definitely not the best thing available.