Review: Neil Perry

Neil Perry
“Lineage Situation”
(Level Plane)

I don’t really know where the name Neil Perry came from. It’s probably in their bio or something, but I threw that paper away. What I do know is that this is a excellent collection of Neil Perry tracks, the best you’ll find. I’m pretty sure it’s not an anthology, because I swear I have a mix tape which has at least two songs that aren’t on here. Where the fuck is it? Well, anyways, for those of you living in the dark, musty area of the ‘don’t know’ forest, Neil Perry is, well, was, the name of a four piece New Jersey act which is/was part screamo, part chaos and always constructed beautifully. Kinda like the Locust, only good. And broken up.

Now, this isn’t exactly a new album set of Perry goodness, mind you; it’s more of a
compilation of 40 already released tracks, four previously unreleased songs and some film stuck onto the CD (it’s a 2CD set) for nerdy computer viewing. It’s too bad Neil Perry only lasted four years, as I never got to see them live, so the footage is actually interesting, at least to me. This is definitely jerk off material for fans like me… and you?