Review: Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex  

Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex
“Howling Hex”
(Drag City)

Former Royal Trux frontman Neil Michael Hagerty has found a brilliant solo career outside the confines of his previous band. On his most recent solo offering, Hagerty introduces us to his new backing band The Howling Hex. With sounds liken to that of a soundtrack to a contemporary version of Animal House, Hagerty and The Howling Hex achieve blues-rock excellence in the most laid-back manner ever to be caught on tape.

From the blazing horns off the album’s rambunctious opener “Firebase Ripcord” to the straight ahead laconic rock of “Out Of reach”; The Howling Hex is probably one of the most well rounded rock records to come out in 2003. Though probably destined to be a sleeper hit amongst a sea of garage rock crap, Neil Michael Hagerty and The Howling Hex are true originals amidst a never-ending landscape of poseurs and clones.