Review: Motion City Soundtrack / Schatzi

Motion City Soundtrack / Schatzi
(Redemption / Doghouse Records)

For such a short split, this sure does have a lot of alterna/power-pop goodness shoved into it. Motion City Soundtrack represent everything the too-cool-to-listen-to-light-rock heavy metal-core dudes wish they could get away with listening to. It’s fun and boppy summer pop. Drinking beer and looking at girls type stuff. I guess if you’re comfortable with yourself, you can listen to whatever you want, so too bad for them, because this is the kind of shit you really can’t help but enjoy even if you feel angry or tough. Three songs, hours of smiles. Schatzi, too make some kick-ass summer-rock. And all I have to say about their half of the split is ‘Any way you want it’ by Journey. Rock on motherfuckers.