Review: Mock Orange

Mock Orange
“Nines and Sixes”
(Lobster Records)

Crafted and well-executed guitar indie rock.  Hear the Braid influences in the struggling guitars, vocal harmonies and penchant for rolling drum beats.  The angry bee scrimmaging of guitars in, “Does it Show” play on a muted down stroke that’s almost… (hold your breath) metal, but indie rock in execution all the way.  I love it when their metal roots peek through even though Mock Orange are too damn sensitive to ever take such a macho road to music.  This is in the same vein as Hey Mercedes.  Sharp and cutting guitars that blow into walls of warm distortion define the approach most admirably.  The ability of the dual guitars to find their own separate paths make it all that much more impacting when they find each other again.  It’s got melody, sincerity, hooks and a driving force behind the tempos so it never gets watered down.  A band that I have never heard of, but now their music finds a welcome home in my player and a live show viewing is definitely in order.