Review: Millencolin

“Home From Home”

Where the heck did these guys come from?  Well, besides Sweden?  It’s like one day, there’’s no Millencolin, and the next day, these guys are everywhere with this huge fan base!  “Home From Home,” which sports a very red album cover, is 13 tracks of just beautiful, melodic, power-charged punk rock.  “Fingers Crossed” is a track that just goes by way too quickly with its catchy chorus and an anthem-worthy message, is definitely an album highlight.  “Black Eye” sounds like they’re saying “I got a black guy”, which is pretty funny if you sit back and think about it.  Okay, maybe it’s my sick humor.  I can imagine “Montego” being a crowd pleaser, with an almost ‘80s-sounding intro.  Is it safe at this point in time to title a song “Afghan”?  Well, Millencolin did it in a very politically-charged manner, and they get away with it. Concluding the album with “Home from Home,” Millencolin singer Nikola teams up with Marthen Cedergan from labelmates Bombshell Rocks for a Swedish punk rock track that reminds listeners exactly where they came from.  So enjoy this album and savor every last bite, because it’s juicy throughout.  Not crispy at the edges or rare in the middle, but just right.