Review: Mico

“Outside the Unbearable Grows””
(G7 Welcoming Committee Records)

Mico has obviously done their homework.  I hear elements of so many great bands and so many great albums such as Jawbreaker’s “Unfun”, Seaweed’s “Spanaway”, and Samiam’s “Billy”.  This is not to take away from Mico’s unmistakable originality either because tracks like “Mirage” and “Lina Tres” sound like driving class A conventional melodic hardcore while “Retransmission” and “Outside The Unbearable Grows” show the insanely emotional, but astounding musical and lyrical talent of this band.  I especially like John Stewart’s master songwriting on “Retransmission” with lyrics like “He can’t remember where he’s from, or why he’s here, or what to believe in.” sort of like man’s qualms and then continues “walking in circles alone in the dark, wondering if anything is real.”  It’s like the lyrical sensibilities of Fugazi have been teamed up with “Static Prevails” era tunes.