Review: Metal Blade Records Presents:

Various Artists
“Uncorrupted Steel 2”
(Metal Blade)

Metal Blade has always been a label with some great bands, but in my opinion has always done a shitty job in letting the rest of the world know about how great some of their records are. Sure this a label with a great deal of history to it with some legendary records appearing in its back catalog, but for the most part it is a label that throws a million records out there, making it hard to pay attention to what’s good and bad. Here to solve that problem is this compilation. Acting as a label sampler of sorts, this is a good representation of what Metal Blade has to offer.

Starting off with Six Feet Under’s “Amerika the Brutal” from the band’s “Bringer of Blood” opus is a great way to get things under way. This is a great track from arguably the band’s best album.

Other powerful tracks on the album include As I Lay Dying’s “Forever”, Black Dahlia Murder with “Contagion” and the impressive “No Giving In” by 40 Grit.

This is a great CD compilation that shows that a lot of promising bands are now making Metal Blade their home. The problem with this compilation is the fact that you’ll play it a few times, pick your favorites, check out their discs and never play this again. The tracks offered on this disc are all part of each band’s full length records so there are no real incentives to buy it for the die-hard fans. If you’re simply looking at this as a label sampler to check out what Metal Blade has to offer it’s great, otherwise save your cash.