Review: M. Mehdi

M. Mehdi
“Sijjin Illiyin”
(Out Records)

Hard driving melodic trance isn’t something I’ve heard much of lately so it’s nice that this came along.  M. Mehdi has packed this release full of tightly produced tracks that show a knowledge of music theory and skill for programming all the kit you drool over in the tech music magazines.  Why haven’t we read about him in those very mags already? You’d be remiss to think this all trance as M. Mehdi blends in some very slippery house tracks just to show that he isn’t falling to prey to the silliness of this trance vs. house clicky-ness that seems to be festering in clubs the land over.

It’s good for techno fans as it would be a shame to pigeon hole such talent and drive in a musician.  All of you ex-trance fans who lost interest in the genre due to uninspired producers who lacked passion should go out and grab this CD to rekindle your love for sweeping arpeggios, bouncy filtered bass, and airy ambiences. Plus you get a bonus live set recorded in the wilderness of Big Bear.  Very Generous.  And, of course you’ll love the house tracks as they are equivalent to all your best expectations.  They jam.  Check the site for more info.