Review: Meet the Virus

Meet the Virus
(Know Records)

I had poison oak the other week but I was hooking up with this girl from Switzerland and I had this dream that the poison oak was really some mutant virus and I woke up all scared and thinking I was going to die.  Viruses are way scary and I certainly wouldn’t like to meet one any time soon.  Listening to them, on the other hand, isn’t nearly so bad.

Full of old school sensibilities and a good sense of socialist doctrine, Meet the Virus is up in your grill, screaming about corporate greed, the evil upper-class, redistributing the wealth, and a bunch of other topics that will get you kicked out of a country club in a hurry.  Sure, Marxism is a pipedream (at best), the sound quality is weak (at best), the material is redundant (at best), and Kirsten’s voice is average (you know what’s coming), but MTV keeps the honesty rolling and the sound from the streets on the dozen tracks.  If you like your punk the old way, like TSOL used to play, then this one is for you.  And don’t weed whack poison oak with your shirt off.  Or date Swiss girls.