Review: Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA
““The Nature of Maps””
(Polyvinly Record Co.)

Yeah, you wish you had this album and got it for free.  E-Rock and Bushman sure as hell hooked my ass up when they sent me this mellow masterpiece.  This is the fourth full-length release from these indie rockers and mark my 6 font words when I say it is unarguably their best work to date.  This is not a far cry from their other affectionate albums such as “Measure” or “The Green Fury”, but god damn this band has really come into their own.

My favorite part about this band is Matt’s voice which has an engaging “I know just how you feel kid” sort of quality which is a testament to his belief in his music and the band.  The musical arrangements couldn’t be any cleaner either.  I love how the use of violins really are the plasma holding the songs together and the guitars are soaring beautiful melodies.  Not only that but Matt Pond PA tours like there is no tomorrow.  These guys are the quintessential addition to any collection so don’t miss out.