Review: Manmade God

Manmade God
“Advance CD”

This album feels like a throw back to that era just before grunge was going to take over the airwaves of America.  Manmade God’s sound is somewhere between Last Crack (who were sort of like a heavier more intense version of Pearl Jam from the Midwest) and Alice in Chains.  Golly, that reminds me of how much I liked Last Crack, and since this vaguely reminds me of them I can’t take as big of a shit all over this Manmade God record as I might like to even if it is highly derivative of the more melodic oriented early grunge bands and cop their vocal style from any given amalgamation of glam vocalists from the eighties scene in Los Angeles.

The singer likes to shout refrains like “It’s all right!  It’s all right!” over and over with as much false Creed-like passion as his vocal chords can muster. I’m not sure if this can go anywhere in today’s music scene, but then again American (a/k/a Def American, a/k/a Def Jam) haven’t been signing acts that particularly light my bonfire recently.

If you like big loud pretentious rock n’ roll that practically seems to be begging to be played in arenas, then Manmade God is what you’re looking for.  I keep getting the sneaking suspicion that I’ve heard all these songs before somewhere.