Review: Manic Hispanic

Manic Hispanic
“The Menudo Incident”
(BYO Records)

Two words for you: fucking brilliant. Get your Pendleton and do-rag, Manic Hispanic is re-releasing their absolutely hilarious 1996 album that began it all, “The Menudo Incident” (a spoof of Guns n’ Roses’ “Spaghetti Incident”). Delivering a gut-wrenching, laughter-filled good time, these Orange County eses do punk rock karaoke barrio-style. Full of drive-by smilings and muchachos who are burnt out on Budweiser and having too many vatos living their casa, the album is a light-hearted parody of “Brown Pride” that reworks punk classics like the Clash’s “Garage Land” into a Chicano-flavored “Barrio Land”.

With the members hailing from bands such as the Cadilllac Tramps and the Adolescents, even though the band has taken a witty, creative license with each song’s original lyrics, they still play like serious musicians, performing clearly and sharply throughout. Other gems on the album include a new version of X’s “Los Angeles” (East Los Angeles) and “Jet Muchacho” instead of “C’Est Plan Por Moi”. Obra de arte genial (For those of you less fluent: it’s a work of genius).