Review: Madder Mortem

Madder Mortem
(The End Records)

Madder Mortem is not just another band in the Gothic metal tradition.  Yes, they are a Gothic metal band, but they are a band apart.  I should explain how, but the “how” of the matter is simply the bands creativity; their ability to manipulate typically leaden and plodding songs with percussive anomalies, acapella vocal breaks and some string-bendingly, groin-grabbingly heavy riffs.  The female vocalist has a wonderful range and sings like, well, she sings like a full-grown adult woman.  You won’t get snarling or growling from her and you won’t get that irritating little girl voice so many lady folk singers and Gwen Stefani like to use.  Madder Mortem’s vocals have passion, resonance and lovely grace.

Note how I flippantly and readily categorized the band in the first sentence of this review.  Also note that that categorization doesn’t do the group justice.  To a certain extent they defy categorization, but only to an insider well versed in the sounds of Gothic metal bands to those who aren’t all that familiar with Gothic metal Madder Mortem is just another one, but the outsider is wrong (see once again the first sentence of this review).