Review: Lozenge

(Sickroom Records)

Methamphetamine is a fucked up drug.  If you want to try it without actually doing it, listen to Lozenge.  Look out though because the shit will knock a screw loose in you’re cabeza.  My main challenge for this review: describing to you accurately how these guys really sound.  OK, imagine every instrument playing almost nonsence but still staying on time and in key.  It’s orchestrated noise.  I’ll give Lozenge some serious props cause this is some of the wackiest shit I’ve heard in a long time.  Chunky guitars and bass, metal objects being banged on, screaming insane lyrics, it’s pretty far out.  If you need a serious alteration in you’re daily vibe, toss in Lozenge.  Just don’t go grinding you’re teeth or picking at your nails.