Review: Los Dryheavers

Los Dryheavers
“Hangups, Heartaches, and Hangovers”
(Lorelei Records)

Los Dryheavers are from Watsonville.  Ever been to Watsonville before?  If you have then I really shouldn’t have to explain to you what this album sounds like.  You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s a dirty, thrashy, gritty album.  You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a half-dozen of the fourteen tracks are in Spanish.  You wouldn’t be shocked when I tell you it’s half street punk, half rock n’ roll.  You wouldn’t be blown away when I tell you Hector Marquez’s vocals are raspy and his delivery hurried.  You’d be nonplussed to learn that most of the lyrics are centered around, “I’m the baddest motherfucker you ever met/ Homicidal, suicidal maniac!” (“You Fucked Up”) and “Fool hearted and out of touch/ In the dumps and out of luck” (“My Own Way”).  You’d expect those boasts and errant claims to be made half in jest, too, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would, cause you’ve been to Watsonville and you know what it’s like.  Now take a breath and thank the sweet Lord you’re not there right now.