Review: Lollipop Lust Kill

Lollipop Lust Kill
“My So Called Knife”
(Artemis Records)

Marilyn Manson-ish White Zombie influenced agro-creepy metal extravaganza.  Dope is another band that must be dropped for sonic comparison.  Moody songs that go crawling and kicking the whole way down.  Song titles are good peek into the general vibe of lyrical direction.  “Black All Over”, “Knee Deep in the Dead” and “Like a Disease” paint the beautiful misery that the band wallows in.  “Kill my father” rings out at the end of “Father” making the dissatisfaction clear enough.  “Sad Excuse for a Grip” breaks out slightly different with a quivery verse, a pounding chorus and a steady, unrelenting stomp of tempo that carries the song on it’s back.

The general musical approach is supposed to be metallic creepout that sludges along with special effects.  Embrace the Demon glow.  Be evil.  The world is evil.  We are the sickness of the losers that waste away in this world.  Heavy trip.  Are you a self-loathing metallic Goth who listens to the first two bands referenced in this review?  There are enough breakdowns and intros that spice up the reworked structures and override the lyrical spookhouse to make Lollipop Lust Kill worth at least a ‘give it a shot’ listen.  Need another reason?  Ok, how about a chunky metallic paintjob on Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” with LLK’s vocalist complimenting the songs overall feel.  Any band who can make Depeche Mode sound cool is worth something.