Review: Living Things

Living Things
“Turn In Your Friends & Neighbors”

I’m a firm supporter that this world needs a serious re-introduction to real rock n’ roll.  The Living Things I can safely say, are in full favor of this wonderful idea.  Recorded and produced by Steve Albini, (The Pixies, The Breeders) “Turn In Your Friends & Neighbors” is a tough, driving rock record that will shake you up.

The Living Things music is packed with melodic riffs, which alternate with solid, catchy rock tantrums.  Kind of like, Billy Idol meets Iggy Pop with more hooks, if you follow.  The Living Things aren’t here to tell you about their disfunctional family life, or rollin’ in the Benzo. I think there’s plenty about girls but, I guess that can be pretty hard to avoid sometimes. Simply, this is an album with straight ahead rock tunes, which is something we can all appreciate. Right?