Review: Lion Fever

Lion Fever
(Dim Mak)

The five songs that are on this record are not enough to quench the rock thurst that Lion Fever has started.  These five songs have all the rawness and lo-fi depth that anyone who calls themselves a rock fan could ever want.  Singer Jennifer Pearl (formally of The Lost Kids) wails and crys in way that will pull the soul from your heart no matter how deep it is.  These five tunes have been compared to the Gun Club, PJ Harvey and early Misfits.  Comparisons considered,  Lion Fever is a breed of it’s own.  The songs blast with blues, dark punk and an early rock n’ roll vibe.  When I come across records like this, I know that rock n’ roll’s heart is still beating strong.  All the musicians in Lion Fever have had their share of experience with bands like The Lost Kids, Belle Isle, Jim Sclavunous & the Vanity Set, Pleasure Forever and it shows in their abilities.  Five stars and two thumbs up. This is a rock record in every way that rock n’ roll means rock n’ roll.