Review: Lamont

“Thunder Boogie”

Hick rock that makes my neck redder just listening to this.  “Hot Wire” opens the disk with the drums carrying the song with the pace of a steam locomotive backed by southern fried rock riffs, slight garage return.  It’s got enough jams to drag it out of the average and put it into the sea of other good bands that and roll on the sleazy guitar tip.  The ‘rhyme it here, rhyme it there, rhyme it everywhere’ scheme gets a big tired but the guitars have enough spice to draw you attention away from such shortcomings.  The CD layout is white trash glorious.  The king of his trailer court on the cover holding TWO shotguns (complete with trailer, trailer trash wife and trailer trash dog… and hey, you got a Hemi in that thing?…).  But the kicker is the inside of the jacket, in the same painted style, is the band, murdered in the trailer (making the appropriate place to label each members name and instrument).  Dirty bluesy rock with peppy southern garage tint even though they are from Boston.