Review: Knut

(Hydra head Records)

Knut is a dissonant, furious and loud noisecore act that sometimes borders on something resembling a beefed up industrialized form of death metal.  The vocals are raspy shouts of angst-riddled intoxication.  The drums pound with conviction and more of that angst while the guitars riff, reverb, wail and squeal like a pig.  Some people will hear hints of hardcore influence and it has been said that Knut has hardcore influences, but I don’t hear it.

The band tends to eat its own ass with their over the top deconstructions of traditional song structures causing one song to be mostly indistinguishable from the last.  This may prove to be a hindrance for the band, but it does give one a break from the traditional chorus, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, chorus structure most music has cornered itself into.  View the album as one continuous symphony if you must with several (9 to be precise) movements.  There’ll be no sing along choruses for you from these mathematicians of noise rock so buckle yourself in and don’t even try to pound your fist in the air, you’ll lose the beat.