Review: Kissing Chaos

Kissing Chaos
““Enter With A Bullet””
(Fueled By Ramen)

It’s been a longtime coming for me to receive this ep.  I am or was a huge fan of Pop Unknown and when a music insider told me they had split up in the middle of last year and that Kissing Chaos had spawned from them I was instantly pumped to hear their shit.  The only trepidation I had with Kissing Chaos was that the singer from Pop Unknown was not involved (I think he started a family).  If you are expecting this band to sound like something you might have heard one or even two generations of bands ago you are going to be very disappointed, but mark my words that Kissing Chaos is a fucking spectacular band.

These guys are two parts hardcore, one part punk, one and one-half parts math rock and two parts screamo which has created a very interesting flavor of indie.  The band has already shared the stage with such names as Recover, Piebald, and Midtown and will be on tour early this year with Brazil.  The deep rooted backgrounds and years of experience held by Kissing Chaos’ members have definitely allowed these boys to shine and they are unquestionably poised to take the world by storm.