Review: Kinski

“Airs Above Your Station”
(Sub Pop)

In the same vein as Bardo Pond and the dearly departed Tristeza, come fresh from the underground, Kinski. They are one of the few instrumental bands to actually achieve success amongst a staunchly judgmental audience when it comes to rock without words. On their latest Sub Pop release “Airs Above Your Station”, the band seems to have achieved the status of being “indie” forerunners in the kingdom of sonic sounds.

Creating quite a buzz amidst rock journalists who don’t have their head shoved up their asses, Kinski’s “Air Above Your Station” has been receiving high marks by critics and fans alike. Sparse on vocals by bassist Lucy Atkinson, the album is just as epic on sonic levels as Pink Floyd’s “Atom Mother Heart”. Without all the psychedelics to it of course, just the pure sonic magnitude!
From the opening track of  “Steve’s Basement” to the dream-like closer “I Think I Blew It (Again)”, the album is filled with delicate guitars, calculated feedback, and at times minutes of humming distortion that could lull an infant to sleep.

“Airs Above Your Station” has it’s integral moments of “rock n’ whooaa!!” Track three “Rhode Island Freakout” is a testament to the bands versatility and skillz as a modern rock band. Though only eight songs in total, “Airs Above Your Station” is definitely worth checking out. Heads up to all you stoners and indie rock headphone-wearing motherfuckers out there!!!