Review: Kinky Star Hot Collection

Various Artists
“Kinky Star Hot Collection”
(Kinky Star)

Belgium’s independent record label Kinky Star has got a pretty wide ranging variety of artists on its roster.  Whether it be Starfighter and their mellow, Foo Fighters punk, the retro scream of the young ladies of De Bossen, or the electro dance hall beats of Starsonic, Kinky Star has got something that’s bound to appeal to someone.

The Sexmachines win the award for best name and also for sounding like Tiny Tim and “The Love Boat” theme song’s bastard child.  Apparently, cocktail party punk is very hip in Belgium, as these are some seriously surf-influenced tracks, relying heavily on “Pet Sounds” inspiration.

Freestyle Fabrik’s “Vrijdagavond” may well be unintelligible, but that doesn’t mean that it sucks.  So also is the case with “Kom Mor Ip” by ‘T Hof Van Commerce, a chilled out techno-punk piece.  Belgium…hell of a place, obviously.  Come for the waffles, stay for the music.

Also included on the “Hot Collection” is a bonus CD featuring neat facts on your favorite Kinky Star bands and artists.  Might as well check ’em out here ‘cos you know you’re not gonna be seeing them on “Cribs” any time soon.