Review: King Missile III

King Missile III
“The Psychopathology of Everyday Life”
(Instinct Records)

Not suitable for radio airplay but outrageously funny, King Missile III’s new album is more vulgar language and vivid, surrealist imagery spoken and screamed over punk and indie pop, as appropriate. John S. Hall’s mostly spoken delivery of his bizarre imagery has carried various incarnations of King Missile through a cult-level fame since the late ’80s. On this album, Hall levels his sights onto the establishment for gratuitous coverage of 9/11 (“JLH”) and an obscenity-laden send-up (send-down?) to President Bush (“The President”). These musings are interlaced with a series of five Pain Poems. Each begins and ends with “ow” as the bookends to a string of four-letter words.