Review: Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage
“The End of Heartache”

Killswitch Engage is one of these brilliant bands that meld their influences so well it becomes their own machine.  There is metal.  There is hardcore.  There is that melodic element woven in there that belies the aggression of those two building blocks.  This album features a new throat named Howard Jones.

The band did well choosing Jones as he shows impressive range.  Barking, screaming, screeching and then backing that with a thick howling smooth voice.  It’s impressive enough to have a singer that has a great bark or scream, but let’s face it, the best bands have vocalists that showcase a range to match their bands efforts of challenging themselves and what they bring to the music.

It’s along that mentality that brings Killswitch Engage to life.  Dynamics.  Challenging structures.  Songs with movement and personality.  A more hardcore Shadows Fall.  The title track is a monster, punctuated with punches of guitar and some of Jones’ best vocals howling out with a large presence.

Overall, the harsh is crushing you down while the melody is bringing you up.  One of the fresher sounds in metal today, Killswitch Engage are a great example of where heavier music is still growing in worthwhile directions.