Review: Kevin Devine “Make The Clocks Move”

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Kevin Devine
“Make the Clocks Move”
(Triple Crown)

Kevin Devine is pitiful. I don’t know if he’s acctually trying to make us feel sorry for him, or if he’s just had a bad go of things and writes about it. From his singing about drinking too much, losing all his friends, everyone being materialistic, and of course losing the girl, I’m jumping out of my window. This is hybrid emo. Most of the songs on “Make The Clocks Move” are acoustic guitar and vocals. There are some songs with clean guitars, and some minor drum work. The quality of Kevin’s voice is good, the message is a little somber. These days we’re trained to be into the real drastic highs and lows. The audience wants to be roller coasted through their experience, and a completely acoustic album tends to feel slow for too long. When you have enough problems of your own, who needs to worry about Kevin Devine’s.