Review: Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure
“The Coldest Winter”
(One Day Savior)

Sometimes there’s not much you can say about a CD.  Sometimes you can just say that a band is loud. And heavy.  And angry.  And fast.  Really fast.  Sometimes you can just say that subtlety, artistry, and melody go out the window and are replaced by growling, shouted destruction.  Sometimes the novelty and power of a band like Poison the Well is sucked dry by people who really shouldn’t be treading in such waters, leaving an act caught in its own strangled scream.  Sometimes you can’t tell where one song ends and the next begins and sometimes you can’t understand any of the lyrics but you’re pretty sure you don’t really want to anyway.  Sometimes you don’t make it through the whole CD because it’s time to go outside and wash your car.