Review: Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson
“New England”
(K Records)

Jason Anderson’s latest on legendary Washington record label K Records is an album that walks all over the spectrum of life.  From situations that are hard, to others that are meaningful and unique.  “New England” has an easy going vibe, but sports honest and at times sad moments trapped within the body of a somber tune.  “New England” will never quench the blood lust of those of you who feed off steroid driven jock rock.

There is mostly soft acoustic strumming with some melodic accentuation by a piano, and light moody drumming.  I can safely say that if you’re sad, or having a hard time, Jason Anderson’s latest may only exasperate it.   Jason’s vocals are running over with reality and they invite you to share a brief moment in his life with you.  I think a great way for other musicians to relate to this would be to imagine times when it’s you and your guitar, and there are a million things your feeling.  You start strumming a somber tune and let your words roll out.

Even if you don’t play guitar, we’ve all been in this place.  A place where sometimes you’re just thinking about what’s around you, a place where you’re thinking about people that are close to you, a place where you just want to be understood.  Take a trip with Jason Anderson through “New England”, but have a bowl of clam chowder ready to go afterward.  You’ll need it.