Review: James LaBrie

James LaBrie
“MullMuzzler 2”
(Magna Carta)

Yes, the title of this album does come damn close to spelling “mullet.”  Canadian prog rocker extraordinaire and Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie’s second solo effort is still stuck in the 70s and that’s the way serious proggers like it.  Bachian headbanging abounds on “MullMuzzler 2” and it shan’t disappoint those who care little for metal after Korn came and fucked it all up.  Not classic, but classical rock, “MullMuzzler 2” is delicate and well-thought out with only a minimum of the excessive soloing that marks this genre.  Those looking for thrash and frenzy look elsewhere, but freaks for Saga and Queensryche will find more of yesteryear’s sounds served up fresh for you here today.