Review: In Pieces

In Pieces
““Learning To Accept Silence””
(Escape Artist Records)

The Northeast Hardcore scene has been putting out some quality work for quite some time now.  Musically, In Pieces is good at playing Hardcore.  The key to a good hardcore band is to have a good drummer.  The drummer in this band is quite obviously the most talented of the bunch.  Without the drummer this band would be completely without musical ingenuity.  Not to blow smoke up his ass, but while examining the sleeve I realized the drummer even writes most of the lyrics!  This brings me to the vocalist.  I think the sincerity of the lyrical delivery is challenged by the fact that the singer didn’t write the lyrics.  It doesn’t make any sense because I think the best song on this record is “Walking This Fine Line” and that song was written by the singer, go figure.  Also, the lyrics revolve around despair, hopelessness, and loss with no resolve.  Fans of hardcore will like this record as a good first LP attempt.