Review: Shabazz the Disciple

Shabazz the Disciple
““The Book of Shabazz: Hidden Scrolls”
(Battle Axe Records)

Shabazz is back! Since his debut as Wu-Tang Clan extended family, his new joint puts him on a beefy roster of Battle Axe MC’s. Shabazz is right there in the gritty streets of New York City, soaking up the sites and sounds, trials and tribulations and spitting them back in the form of chapters that make up “The Book of Shabazz”. This one is for those who can never get their fill of harsh street tales.

Production credits feature a cast of characters that include Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar, and The Arsonists’ Q-Unique. The Album is straight-up Brooklyn, and Shabazz’s rough delivery stays true to his surroundings. High points include detailed paintings of hold up’s, murder, struggle, and odes to Hip-Hop’s forefathers.

Definitely peep out the collaboration featuring Lil’ Dap from Group Home, and Wu’s Killah Priest. To be transported immediately to Red Hook, Brooklyn: spray your weed with roach killer, roll it up in a backwood, and throw in “The Book of Shabazz”.