Review: Floetry

“Floacism ‘Live'”

Floetry in four words: Female, Hip-Hop, R&B and Spoken Word.  Four more?  Live they are riveting.  Four still? Bearskin, fireplace and Cold Duck.  Everything you would want from a live album, if you love sweet, soul music.  Floetry definitely spits from the soul, as is apparent on this double disc package containing the audio and the video version.  I personally would opt for the CD, and not the DVD if you were partaking in the fireplace; wine induced romantic evening on the bearskin.

If you are already one of the steadily rising mass of fans who are eating this stuff by the bowlful, you are going to love the DVD, which was recorded at the House of Blues in July 2003.  I’m down with Jill Scott, The Roots, Eryka Badu and all the other Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop offspring that have been very present in the past 5 years.  That makes me a perfect candidate for this album.  It’s got the light applause of the crowd, the adlibs and that sound that can only be generated LIVE!  Good vibes music is a must these days, and this is an all around good release.

The CD has bonus material featuring Mos Def and 3 other tracks that are preludes to the audio recording. Get down with the get down, and GET ON DOWN!