Review: The Hellacopters

The Hellacopters
““Cream of the Crap!””
(Gearhead Records)

Amazing, oh not this record, the number of genres there are today.  I want to bring show tunes back and get P-Diddy to produce all the albums.  Our first single would be Speed Racer featuring Mase, Nelly, and P-Diddy (who else?).  Maybe Dan The Automator would consider doing the beats and we’ll get Lil Kim to do back up vocals and do a cameo in the video with her in the buff.  The Hellacopters is 60s and 70’s influenced rock n roll from Sweeden.  I guess these guys use to grow wax on trees and shit out 45s because this is one of a two disc set of non-album works by these long haired icons form Europe.  Some of these songs were previously only available on rare records with values over $200.  So, it’s a pretty big deal to get all of these rarities in one place.  Not being a long time fan makes it hard to be so stoked, but hey, there are groups I have shit my pants over to get something like this.  For instance, Jawbreaker’s new album “Etc.” which was just recently released is an amazing collection of non-album works.  Wait, who is this, The Hellacopters, pretty good shit.  These guys should tour with Fu Manchu and Robert Plant.  I wonder if The Hellacopters have groupies.